How do Wheel Shields mount to my board?

Wheel Shields work universally with almost any longboard and attach to the end of each truck axle. We originally designed Wheel Shields to work with the nuts that come standard on longboards, but found that Wheel Shields would rotate off if you hit a curb or pushed them sideways. Wheel Shields mount using our custom nut setup to ensure they stay firmly in place. Almost all trucks are compatible with the custom nuts except Churchill RKPs, which have a non-standard thread count on the axle. 

What wheels work with Wheel Shields?

Wheel Shields work with almost all wheels 76mm and under (but people have been using 80mm wheels with no problems). Wheel Shields will fit perfectly on any set of wheels as long as the distance between the bearing and the outer lip is less than 1 inch, which is very rare. They even work with uber wide wheels like Biggie Hawgs. Certain wheels with massive contact patches or extreme shapes won’t work, but almost all of your favorites will. If you wanna know about a certain wheel, click the Contact Us button at the bottom right of this page.

Won't rocks get stuck in Wheel Shields while riding?

Nope! We ran into that problem on older prototypes, which used to cover more than half the wheel if looking at the wheel sideways. We solved the problem by adding a small ledge covering the space between the wheel and Wheel Shield. On the final production model, the ledge isn't needed because the device covers less than half of the wheel, which creates an angle that makes it seemingly impossible for rocks to enter. They've been tested for countless hours with no problems!

How strong are Wheel Shields?

The ribs on each Shield increase weight bearing-potential, so Wheel Shields can handle almost anything you can throw at them. We still haven't broken an aluminum Wheel Shield. Stress testing on our Shields at a physics lab showed that they can hold up to 1500-1600 pounds!

How much do Wheel Shields weigh?

A set of 4 Wheel Shields weighs a little over 1 pound. We prototyped Wheel Shields with nylon, but found that plastics don’t stand up to the chaotic intensity of longboarding. We’ve opted for aircraft aluminum because of its amazing strength and lightweight properties.


Installation Questions


My truck axle is too short to fit the nuts. How can I fix this?

This is usually a simple fix. Are you using speed rings? Try removing the speed ring between the outer bearing and inner Wheel Shields nut - it commonly isn't needed. Also, try the installation without the nylon spacer. Both of these things reduce the amount of space needed, and we have had people install Wheel Shields on Gullwing and Paris trucks after following these steps.

My wheels spin slower after installing Wheel Shields. How can I fix this?

Wheel Shields will only cause your wheel bearings to slow down if you are not using bearing spacers. Are you using them? If so, remove the wheel and look into the hole. Is the bearing spacer making contact with both bearings? If not, your spacer may be too short and isn't doing it's job in the first place. They are 100% needed and you should be using them anyway - they keep your bearings from slowing down when you turn, which puts sideways pressure on bearings. Having bearing spacers in place keeps that pressure from warping the bearings.


Longboarding is dangerous. Although Wheel Shields make it safer by eliminating Wheel Bite, we advise riders to:

  • Wear helmets and pads.
  • Make sure your Wheel Shields are firmly mounted before each ride. Failing to install Wheel Shields correctly can result in them unexpectedly rotating off, which could lead to injury. You should attempt to rotate each Wheel Shield in both directions before each ride to ensure that they are properly mounted. 
  • Wheel Shields allow riders to do new tricks, but you should exercise caution and practice in a safe area. Be aware that certain tricks may increase the likelihood of Wheel Shields rotating off, especially if Wheel Shields are not properly mounted.
  • Always avoid cars, pedestrians and bikers. 
  • Don't be stupid.

Any person using Wheel Shields assumes all the risk of personal injury and/or damage that can result from using Wheel Shields.

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